What is the name of two binary RNA virus?

Name of two binary RNA virus

Normally viruses have single stand RNA but some virus are exceptions in biology which are present double stand RNA. In virus have present RNA while in bacteria have present DNA it steal.

What is the name of two binary/double stand RNA virus?

In this article I will be tell two virus which have present double stand RNA, Virus are more harmful for Human and other Animals, Viruses are Totally harmful.

Name of Virus which have present double stand RNA is..

Double stand RNA virus

Only two virus discovered in which present double stand RNA-

1. Reovirus

2. Wond Tumour virus


Reovirus have present one unique characteristics because Genetic material of this virus is double stand RNA which is a unique features in the biology, Normally RNA are single stand while DNA are double stand but here is RNA double stand

2. Wond Tumour virus: 

Wond Tumour virus same like Reovirus in this also found double stand Genetic material RNA


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